How to Become a Better Essay Writer

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How to Become a Better Essay Writer,

Becoming a better essay writer is a long process, and can sometimes be difficult. Everyone has different things to improve when it comes to writing, and essays are no different. Since an essay has so many different parts to it, finding out which part, in particular, you need to work on is a job in itself. What makes this worse is that some of the parts of writing an essay directly draw on others, which means that you need to be sure that you can handle all aspects of the writing process in order. Fortunately, it is quite easy to become better at essay writing, even if you aren’t completely sure where you have problems. Read on to find out.

Basics of How to Write an Essay


The composition of an essay is very important, as it is one of the ways in which people can understand what type of essay they are looking at. Composition gives you the formality of the essay, the way that the arguments will play out, and much more. The way an essay is composed is what lets readers know what to look for, as differently composed essays have information in different places.


All essays are made up of a number of separate elements, and to really write a good essay, people need to be skilled in all of them. The separate elements which go into an essay include the research, the outlining, the writing itself, the construction of the arguments, the formatting of the essay, and the referencing styles. All these separate elements work together to give you a well-rounded essay. Not everybody will be equally good at all the separate elements of the essays, but by being good at most of them, having all the elements working together will make for an essay which works well. Being able to demonstrate accuracy and control over several elements will then balance out the effects over other elements, leading to a good overall essay.


Language is what immediately tells people what kind of essay they are dealing with. There is formal language, which is associated with most essays, and then there is informal language, which is used in only a few essays. Being able to use language efficiently is, therefore, something which is very important. Language is also important for when it comes to particular subjects that have their own jargon and in-language: an appropriate knowledge of this is not only knowing when to use this, but also knowing that not everybody will know the jargon, and so being able to use context to help them understand. Language is incredibly important because it is how you write your essay and get your ideas across.


Again, formatting is incredibly important for essays, since it ties into what type of essay you are writing. Different formatting for different essays allows for it to be clearly evident just from reading, what type of essay you are going to have to read. Formatting includes things like thesis statements, topic sentences, and concluding sentences, so it is important to keep things correct. Formatting also applies to things like the title page and citation style (which will be dealt with in the next section) – proper formatting lends itself to the overall look of your essay and helps it seem like you know what you are talking about.

Citation styles

Citation styles differ between types of essays – there are styles which are more suited and used in scientific essays (APA), and ones which are used for the arts subjects instead, for preferences (MLA in particular). These aren’t the only styles, and there are some styles which are very obscure. Using the proper citation style is very important for making your essay look proper and polished, as it allows you to finish things off properly.

Tips for Improving Essay Writing Skills

Improving your essay writing skills is something which is quite easy, once you have figured out which area, in particular, needs attention. The main thing to do is practice what you need to work on: whether it is research, the actual writing, working on the formatting or making sure that you have the correct citation style, and that it is all done correctly.

To practice your research, just pick a subject you want to know more on and go and research it. Try and think along the lines of how you would approach the research if you were being asked to write about any given subject, and work from there. Use different methods, and approach the subject from different angles, for the best effect.

Writing is easy to improve at – just work at it. Write about everything, and do so consistently, so that you can see yourself improving over time. Write about the things you love, but also about what you hate, as this will also make you better at writing even when the subject doesn’t hold your interest. Practise different types of writing, from formal to informal, to better equip yourself for a wide variety of potential essays.

Practise formatting as well – the best way to do this is to learn how to make and use an outline. Outlines show you where specific paragraphs will go in your work, and so they are a very good way to see how each individual argument works, and how they all fit together. Outlines let you put everything together, such as thesis statements and the like, and see how they all fit together; you can move paragraphs around to get a better idea of the logical progression of an argument.

Common Mistakes

  • Misunderstanding the question – misunderstanding the question is one of the biggest mistakes people make because it leads to them writing a wrong essay.
  • Doing too little research – too little research means that you don’t have enough evidence for your essay.
  • Doing too much research – doing too much research means that you will have too much information, and feel paralyzed by it.
  • Wrong citation style – choosing the wrong style can mean that your essay doesn’t make sense, and looks wrong.

In a nutshell, writing an essay is a skill which can be learned. If you need help, come on and we will see how we can help you!