What Are Criteria of a Good Custom Essay?

Good Custom Essay

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There is a huge number of criteria involved in writing a good custom essay, from the basic to the more involved. Many people write custom essays for others, and they all handle the subject differently. A custom essay is what can come in many forms; this is only intensified by the different needs of all the people who might want to use a custom essay writing service, for whatever reasons they might have. While the majority viewpoint of people who use such services is that they are lazy and self-serving, there is actually a multitude of reasons why somebody would choose to use these services. Such writing services cater to people who don’t have time to do the writing they need to do, or when they become temporarily overwhelmed and so need some extra help for it. Custom essays have been on various sides of the plagiarism debate over the years, but generally, it has managed to avoid any outright accusations which might change the way it is approached.

What is a Custom Essay?

A custom essay is a completely original essay of any type and style, which has original research done for it, and which is written in an original manner. A custom essay, by its very nature, implies that it is done entirely from scratch by the person who is doing the work.

Custom essays can be written by either individual essay writers, who advertise their services individually, or by custom essay writing services, which advertise their services as a whole. While it might be better for people use a custom service, as they will have access to more eyes and to better editing software, individual writers normally have exactly the same qualifications as the people who work for bigger services.

Custom essays are anything from a narrative to an argumentative essay, which is written by someone from outside the normal educational line of inquiry for someone who is inside it. These essays can come with any amount of research from the client but are normally researched and written entirely from scratch, within the constraints of the type of essay which is being asked for. The client is free to provide whatever information they want, which comes in handy when the essay is something which has to be phrased in a specific way, but custom essay writers are highly trained in academic writing, so they can handle most requests.

Criteria of a Good Custom Essay

  • Structure – structure in a custom essay is vitally important for anybody who wants a proper and coherent argument. Essays normally involve needing to prove an argument and to do this, most people write an essay in a specific order. This order sees them leading the reader through the arguments – broken down into individual pieces of evidence, which all lead up to one single conclusion.
  • Language, style, and formatting – these all tell a reader or an audience what type of essay they should prepare for, and what the writer is intending. Formal writing is different from informal, while the formatting style of one essay will be wildly different from that of another. Similarly, using one particular style over another shows that the essay will be taking one tack over another – any of these things being wrong has a detrimental effect on the essay.
  • How a topic is revealed – this again can change with the essay. For more formal essays, the topic is revealed in what is known as the thesis statement – a one or two sentence distillation of the argument – which appears in the introduction, and which guides the rest of the essay. For less formal essays, the introduction will usually again have the argument in it, but in a significantly different format.
  • Arguments provided – arguments provided can range from the general to the highly individual; it really depends on the essay involved. Arguments are generally broken down into individual bits which can be further elaborated on in the individual body paragraphs which make up the bulk of the essay – these individual parts of the argument are what drive the essay forward to resolving that argument at the end of the essay. Arguments are either provided in a strict manner, in formal essay styles, or in a less strict one, in more informal styles. It depends on the essay.
  • Sources used – most essays require strictly official sources to be used for arguments – no Wikipedia, in the age of the internet, and no simple opinion pieces either, unless they are simply backing up the official argument made by another source. This is not necessary for narrative essays or other informal styles because they do not depend so much on the formal sources of other essays.
  • Referencing – There are various reference styles, some of which are known by most people, some of which are fairly niched even for academic writing. It entirely depends on the essays (and teachers) which style of referencing is needed.

Common Problem in Custom Essays

  • Lack of uniqueness – quite often, people who try and buy custom essays find that they are not custom at all, but are in fact plagiarised from various sources.
  • Bad English – many custom services go to countries where the first language is not English because this can lower wages and overheads. The result is badly written essays.
  • Bad writing skills – the best custom essay services make it clear that they work with their writers to make sure that they all have experience and academic training. Not everybody does this, leading to custom essays which do not meet the standards of an academic essay at all, in writing and in style, among other things.

Writing a custom essay can be hard, especially when you take every single part of it into consideration. This is why essay services exist, and if you are in need of a custom essay, you should come and share it with us, and we will see how we can help!

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