What Are the Most Common Reasons for Using Essay Writing Services?

Why Do Students Use Essay Writing Services?

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Have you ever thought about ordering a custom essay online and then refrained from doing so? You might have thought about the ethicality of such online essays and questioned their reliability. Actually, ordering a custom essay online has nothing to do with being a bad or good student. The following reasons are going to change your perception of online writing services, in general, and reconsider their ethical aspect.

English Proficiency

Most of the international students who come to study in Canada do not have a native-like English proficiency. Therefore, they would look for some useful solution to fulfill their writing tasks in an optimal fashion. One of such solutions is custom essay writing services. Ordering a professionally-written paper online seems to be a clever way for dealing with difficult writing tasks that a non-native English student may have a hard time handling, especially when constrained by a tight deadline that keeps stressing them out until the last minute. Purchasing an essay written by a professional native English speaker is valued by international students.

Writing Skills vs Knowledge

Students who are specialized in areas such as math, physics, business, and nursing would be more inclined to seek out professional help with their writing assignments, as their writing skills could not be as perfect as their knowledge in their fields of study. Putting ideas into words is not a task that anyone could fulfill. Some students belonging to certain scientific fields would skillfully conduct different types of analyses with all the numbers and percentages in the form of charts, tables, and graphs, yet they fail to explain in a smooth and informative way the nitty-gritty of their analyses and the main findings. Therefore, the key to achieving the best results would be seeking out an essay writing service to complete the task.

Procrastination and Stress

Procrastination and stress are two enemies that stand between a student and their best academic performance. There are certain students who make an effort and start working on their writing tasks until they realize that they may not meet the deadline, so they look for the help of a professional writer. However, there are other students who procrastinate about writing till the last minute when the only option left for them is ordering an urgent essay online. Fear, anxiety, and stress are all factors that lead students to think and feel that they are unable to meet deadlines and to produce high-quality pieces of writing. Fortunately, online writing services are always there for students and they may undertake their tasks even in one hour.


Another reason that is conducive to online writing services is the lack of organization on the part of the student. Indeed, a student is expected to brainstorm, plan, and structure their writing task beforehand. Time should be calculated and well-managed to undertake each step. If such steps are not respected, chances are the writing process won’t be as smooth and neat as it might be expected to be. The student may eventually fall short of fulfilling the requirements of the writing assignment. In this situation, seeking out help from a writing website would help translate the students’ ideas into a well-structured and high-quality paper, which saves them from failure. It should be noted that when you are not well-prepared to write about a certain topic, you may be able to complete your essay, yet it may turn out to be poorly written, which would only worsen the situation and inhibit the student’s academic achievement.

Time management

Looking for online writing services could be due to poor time management. There are many cases where college students have to work hard in order to put food on the table and a roof over their head, which justifies their inability to undertake their writing assignments. Having a side job while studying is not easy, it may not allow them to attend class at times. As their objective is to make it through college, so for them, it’s either to succeed or to succeed, there is no other option; thus, only an online writing service could make their dream come true. A professional writer who writes an essay for them is all they might dream of in such a situation.

Grammar and spelling

Despite the fact that they have good fluency levels, many native English speakers do not possess accuracy skills; hence, they are bad at grammar, spelling, and other linguistic matters. It is not necessarily that a native English speaker should be expected to produce a top-notch essay. A written paper should not be informal, especially at the post-graduate level; it is expected to fulfill certain academic requirements and reflect the proficiency of the student. Overusing phrasal verbs, contracted forms, and slangs could not result in a professionally-written piece that is required to be formal, especially if it is a college essay on some scientific subject. Enhancing the linguistic competences could not happen overnight, which makes ordering an online essay from some online writing service the best solution to deal with formal academic writing assignments.

As a conclusion, the reasons behind seeking out online essay writing services are countless. Hence, we should not be judgemental and narrow-minded when it comes to the perception of such helpful services conducted by professional and expert writers. For instance, I might decide to order an essay if I don’t want to write today, or if I would like to spend some quality time with my parents. And, I am totally convinced that ordering a custom essay does not make me a bad student. Thus, due to the continuous everyday life demands, you may realize that online writing services are your ultimate solution, which doesn’t make you a less successful student.

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